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We are your competent and experienced contact for all questions about the carpentry trade. For almost 65 years we have experienced and helped shape the craft with all its facets.

With more than 30 employees and 4500 square meters of production and operating premises, we produce and assemble everything for your comfort and wellbeing – from small built-in furniture to shop fixtures, office and bank furnishings, and the entire range of interior design.

Many years of experience, trained specialists, and modern machinery ensure highest quality, performance, and adherence to schedule.

Come and see the variety and services available at exligno yourself!


The roots of exligno GmbH are in the traditional craftsman business, founded in the end of the 1890s – a carpentry workshop that over the years specialized in building prefabricated houses.
This development later shifted to interior design with all its facets, and in 2001, the current company exligno was established.

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