Experts Evaluation

Expert evaluations
around the carpentry

Master carpenter Jürgen Müller – publicly appointed and sworn expert for the Konstanz Chamber of Trade for Carpentry and Cabinetmaker Trade
These are needed for example for courts, state prosecutors, insurance companies, government offices, or private clients. The most common types of evaluations are court, private, and arbitration evaluations.
There are only slight differences between the kinds of evaluations. The differences are mainly with respect to the client.
The expert must be completely impartial in all evaluations that he conducts and produces. He may not follow the instructions of any party that might influence his impartiality.

Court evaluations may be accepted only in the area for which the evaluator is appointed. The area of expertise is regulated by the evaluation directives of the court that appointed the evaluator.
I report to the court in Konstanz. I was officially appointed by the Konstanz Chamber of Trade on 1 December 2004.

The fields for court evaluations include evaluations for:

… all carpentry and cabinetmaking work like

  • Interior design
  • Furniture
  • Acoustics, noise protection
  • Windows, doors, gates
  • Entrance doors
  • Building elements
  • Ceilings
  • Floors

… and in addition

  • Approval of supplier and assembly services for interior design, furniture, kitchens, interior and commercial furnishings
  • Consultancy for interior design, furniture, kitchens, interior and object furnishings
  • Measuring:
    – ambient humidity and air temperature
    – surface temperatures of devices and furniture
  • Investigating the causes of dampness and mold

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